Instax Photo Time~

Addition to my latest expenditure on useless gadgets, i bought the Fujifilm Instax mini 7 camera, obviously in PINK color~ 😀

*Huhu, the below is your bday present, A chix holding a camera in a box. A photo frame looks like ppl in a box. hahhahaa*

“Yooo~ Why so stupid go buy something that you cant get film refilled in penang, can’t even get the camera in penang, have to buy from so far. Now digital world, you go back in time use film pulak”

In short i can just say “I like, why do you care?”


I like how the colour of the photo turns out, the feeling of capturing a precious moment and impatiently waiting as it slowly develops the past second infront of me, purely capturing the moment without editing or through modern technology. Every snap is precious as it’s expensive (haha!) so you’ll really sure that YES, it’s worth it! only snapping, making it more valuable than those digital photo which is priceless…hehe

So let me show you the magic of the film after talk cock for so long. Model for this post is no other than the most beautiful thing in the world, JAZ LEE the Dog!!

The photo size is same size as any credit card or member ship card. Easy storage in wallet. Weeee~!!!

The final product~~

As far I know, this is not available in the whole of Penang. 3 places confirm selling in KL but slightly more expensive than the rest of the world as usual. Film comes 10 in a Pack selling at around RM40. The one i got from HongKong is less than RM20 per pack. Nearly half the price. o_0

So anyone going Hongkong or Japan in the future, kindly do let me know!!

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7 Responses to Instax Photo Time~

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    polaroid camera… they r stopping the production of the film oredi..

    better u buy a polar bear n put him in a desert.

    Eve: That’s why i buy fujifilm wan not polaroid brand

  2. ting says:

    if u seriously want i can try to help u buy. coz siaw ping has a polaroid as well. she gets all those cute films from japan…mickey minnie, princess. is singapore cheaper?

    Eve: I think Siaw Ping and mine different. Polaroid and Fujifilm is diff brand. I also wanna buy the cute cute film fr hk n japan. Always seen in angelababy blog wan. SG im not sure of the pricing

  3. Florence says:

    Eh… come to think of it, it’s funny lor. You take a picture with the Fujifilm camera, then use a digicam to take the picture of pictures to blog. Isn’t it doing double work? How to efficient like that?

    Eve: Flo! i do double work so i can show it on my blog la

  4. Mr Huhu says:

    *Huhu, the below is your bday present, A chix holding a camera in a box. A photo frame looks like ppl in a box.”

    if present can bring home wan.. so which wan can bring home wan? hohoohoh

  5. old school photo taking…

    i LIKE…

    i’m now usimg mine OLD analog camera…
    snap around town during daytime..
    coz its ISO 100…

    another analog ISO 400 for nite.. 😉

    huahahha… so nice..
    cant wait finish up the roll & see the results..

    yup, another Digital camera to snap for immediate results…

    TOTAL: 3 cameras in my bag now… LALALALA…

    who’s more crazy now ??

    blog soon…

  6. pink says:

    how much is your instax?
    where did u get it from?
    any other color?

    Eve: Hello~ a friend bought it for me from HongKong so its less than RM200. It comes in blue or pink, although they have other limited edition colors like brown and white. You can get orange too from taiwan i think.

  7. wanster says:

    but polaroid looks cooler, like jason mraz’s..

    Eve: Polaroid already EOL my dear

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