Ippudo Ramen Vs Yamagoya Ramen

I’ve been hearing alot about Ippudo in Singapore, so my trip in June is a good chance to taste it.

Its in Mandarin Gallery and we got there about 7pm I think, the queue was so long 🙁 I suppose its a norm to queue up for anything that is above par in Singapore. Since it’s kinda rare to get free wifi anywhere in Singapore, this is what happen to the social media addicts.

After about 45mins of waiting and waiting

The gyoza – not so nice

The hot pot – its not bad, but doesnt go well with the ramen. Will Kill the taste after you have a sip of this. Not very recommended to order

Finally our ramen arrived. Everyone was so so hungry that no F was given when I tried to take a photo haha.. 🙁

At least Pwah still patronize me ..

Akamaru Chashu ($17) The ramen was a little bit thin for my liking and I had better ones from a food court in Tokyo. But I really like the soup base and the porky porky char siew. Yum yum!

Karaka Men – the spicy version. According to my friends, not so spicy but equally yummy.

Conclusion, it was good enough for me to want a second go at it. Maybe I will visit during the non-peak hours though.

The following weekend, I went to KL and had to try another Ramen that my sister and BIL had been raving for months, how it compares to the ones in Japan.

Yamagoya Ramen @ Publika it is. 

It was fully packed when we were there but just had a very short wait compared to Ippudo. MrSmallface had the signature – Mukashi Special Ramen (RM24)  while sis and I had the char siew ramen, with gyoza and fried chicken bites for sides.

The Gyoza was so delicious, we ordered an additional plate. Juicy, crunchy with a nice fillings. Everything was yummy to me here, I was really happy with the food and service.

Albeit the soup base may be slightly oily for my liking, but overall tasted really good! Up to Tokyo standard and hard to come by in Penang! YUMMY!!!

Because of the difference in currency, this is so much affordable to eat over and over again, haha. I am actually craving for it as I blogged now.

Both was good and highly recommended whether you are in Singapore or KL


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