Update!! This is how italy trained

I really canot take it!!! Although now super sleepy, i must rant on this before i can do so peacefully!!

How can a penalty be given at the 95.8seconds??? When the additional time is only 3 minutes?? Plus, the penalty is NOT EVEN A PENALTY. Stupid fucktard referee who is blind in both eyes! or the eyes being blinded by the $$$ in front of him already. Totti trip himself! It’s not even a tackle for fuck sake~~ How can a penalty be awarded so unjustly and unfairly! ARghhhh~!! If the match is between some mafia country, i strongly believe the referee would have been wipe out from the planet earth, say, tomorrow? dumbass! Go back and watch the replay and feel remorse by your own act!

Stupid italians teams only consists of poster boys and theatherical people. Go home and eat your meatballs spaghetti lar…

Aussie rule tonite, they played a well game which earn them more respect from the world! Great passing, you guys are so underrated~ See you socceroos in South Africa!

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

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  1. angchoonseong says:

    oit.. totti mana ada trip…totti not even fall down.. watch replay once again lar..hahah..
    According to the replay…Fabio Grosso was brought down in penalty box.. then totti ambik the penalty..

    hehee..budaya membetting semakin meleluasa… taubatlar!

  2. Spyd3r says:

    well for me that’s ur biased view…
    well shud i explain tactically to u…

    at first, it wasnt totti,, and definitely Grosso did not trip himself… he just threw himself down in the presence of Lucas Neill…

    well, technically it was called foul by the referee according to the nature of the game as a defender shudn’t hav be blocking a player who is oledi clear on goal,…

    yeah neill’s tackle was definitely clean but then too bad he mistimed it too early…thus resulting him be on the path of Grosso… it was Grosso’s cheekiness to decide to leap thru Neill, and prrrriiitttt damn! it’s a penalty… isn’t it silly for Neil? he shud hav moved away in fractions of seconds… a badly mistimed tackle is all about it…

    well luis cantalejo was the most experienced referee in Spain and i hav huge respect for him… p/s it’s not easy for a referee to award such a penalty…it takes lots of guts… (not $$$ haha)

    it wasn’t fair dats rite, but then, Grosso’s has got the brain haha… the is the game of football, where the ball is so round that it can roll anywhere they like… dun be biased, though aussie ruled the game (well its 11 vs 10, wat do i hav to say) pretty one sided huh? hehe well i’m saying this as a neutral football lover, not supporting italians though lolz

  3. Eve says:

    I’m being bias, yeah, so? Because i blog a rant and not a review of the match. I dono all the italian players name, they all look and name sound almost alike to me.. I only know Totti goaled that penalty to redeem himself from the mistake he made back then with koreans. Just like when beckham got a redcard but redeem himself with that penalty goal.

    Grosso is gross..Blahhhh…

    i still support no spaghetti boys mamamia~

    Btw, i was too tekan when they were awarded with that penalty i din’t notice who is who.

    Now let’s all concentrate on the upcoming matches since nothing can undone what is done.

    Peace boys, dont tembak me when i see u guys next =P

  4. angchoonseong says:

    i look like totti wan..u can easily differentiate totti from others…

  5. Daniel Franklin Gomez says:

    Totti sucks dude…. 🙂

  6. angchoonseong says:

    he sucks finger one…

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