Its a party month!

Starting from this week onwards only 4 days work a week!!

Last weekend was back in Penang for an ex colleague wedding. On the same day, it’s also MrSmallface cousin’s wedding. A beautiful garden wedding followed by a dinner reception at E&O. I only went over to meet up with him after my dinner ended. Dress code are meant to be followed and yes, the wedding crowd was good!

Reunion of my fav colleagues..or ex colleagues.

In the absence of my post, I would really recommend u guys to visit this blog. Rockstar Diaries –

They just  two very very adorable human living in Washington and she updates the blog almost daily. With alot of photos like this!!

Love the way how she writes and she owns diana/holga and polaroid too..wooo..

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2 Responses to Its a party month!

  1. ah loon says:

    HAH!! like the 1st pic of u two.. classy~~ U can follow the two chap also ya… blog every hour~~ show them Malaysia lagi best!! hehe

    eve: i blog every minute also not alot of people read wan la..

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    they make money from blogging r? every hour? dat is like tweeting maa

    eve: hello encik, blog almost DAILY la..

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