It’s Christmas already??!!

I couldn’t believe that a year had already zoomed pass my 20/20 eyes so fast. It seems like yesterday that i celebrated my first Christmas out with my friends. Going to gurney on motorcycle. and walking 30min wearing heels to Gurney, stand there for 5 mins, and walk another 30mins to get back home.

Jeez, things teenager would do!! HAHAHAH

Thinking back, I don’t know what i had achieved this year. I’ve gone from silky straight hair to curly, wavy, unruly hair.

From dumb blonde to bombshell brunette! (my hair colour btw)

From accesories-less, to countless earrings, bags and necklaces =)

From having such an angry blog, to this mild/moderate blog.

From being a penang girl that don’t travel even to Butterworth, to covering more than 2400km in less than 1 month and 800km per month.

From never been anywhere posh-ier than Sushi King, to indulging in Jogoya!!

From being going out almost every single day, to being a permanent resident on MSN.

From being a casino virgin, to a being a veteren =.=|| *donate banyak to uncle lim d*

From being a football dummy, to knowing what an offside is.

From never failing a subject before, to knowing how failing feels like. IT SUCK! BIG TIME!!!!

From being no where historical before, to conquering one of the World Heritage/7th wonder of the world and Malacca.

From being 3 siblings in the family, to having a brother-in-law =)

Many more..that i couldn’t recall right now…

My…. i’ve changed alot throughout this year. But i’m still very emo sometimes.. Emotional unstable homosapien, ups and downs, just like how life is made to be.

Going through last year Christmas was so memorable it’s unforgettable.

Seems like yesterday, when 3 young naive penangites drove down to kl in a “7-seater” in search of adventure, excitement and fun. Singing offkey to “My Humps” was the highlight plus impromptu trip to Genting and freezing everyone’s ass off.

First time, getting lost in Kepong was fun with you crazy people in the car. Losing the car keys in club and celebrating finding it on the floor later on. Me, cracking the screen of my phone when i feel on it. Me, blurting out nonsense while being sober all the way to Murni.

Experiencing Christmas somewhere other than Penang was remarkable. Made possible by the dearies!! Friends come and go, but the best are here to stay.

It would be hard to beat the time we had last year, but i believe it can be made possible.

Things will change, life will change, people will change, friends will change too.

But the memories we had will never change forever. So be sure to enjoy every moment of your life.

Merry Christmas!!

to, acs & Jasonyong:
Miss you people lots here! have a white xmas(smtg we canot have), enjoy urself in nyc, lisbon and XX place. hehehe Ohya, remember my postcards!!!

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4 Responses to It’s Christmas already??!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hahah..u changed a lot ar? dancing queen now just use fingers to dance with the 26 button plus enter and space and a few other emoticons…wahhaha

    i will send portugeeze egg tart to u via post when i am in lisbon.

  2. Eve says:

    i no change kah? now instead of dancing with 2, i dance with 10! Tap dance on my keyboard =.=

    Dont be so lame la..send more..send ronaldo. tq

  3. williamt says:

    that’s a nice post. Appreciate it a lot. Awesome. 🙂

  4. j a s o n y o n g says:

    i miss you too babe
    u u u u brunette bombshell.. u
    hugz hugz hugz from me to you
    i going oslo stockholm n malmo d luuuuuu…hopefully damn white xmas
    wish u a very merry xmas no matter wat u do k

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