It’s Just a Matter of Time

Yea…Sooner or later.

I’ll be the only one left. It would be a hard time for me…

In the past, i always get whatever i want. Things i want, mostly i will find a way to get it. By hook or by crook.When i had my hands on the object i desire, i will throw ’em away like rag dolls. That’s how i am, although i wish i can change that.

Recently, things are not really looking my way. I thought i would have lost this time around. Those around me would know i’ve been moping around for awhile. Confused and grumbling and complaining. Hopeless. Guess i was wrong. Something good happened last night. Changed the way of things completely.

But then, now, as at NOW, i do not feel the challenge anymore. Because i consider that i’ve already got what i want. It’s no longer fun. I no longer want it anymore. HAHA Too much obstacles.

How i wish i can change my way. So that i wont be only one left, sooner or later.

I don’t want to change the way i live my life for one thing. Is it worth it? Opportunity cost. No. I’m happy most of the time, so why should i change it. It wont promise happiness, but i’ve experienced unhappiness. Why risk it….again…

How i am today, is how i choose to be.

This is me with friends, few years ago during Christmas. Look!! I have rapunzel long straight hair. Something i wished for since secondary school. I’ve achieved it. Do you think i should cut it off now and sport a bob? Since i’ve got over that chapter in my life. For a new year, another chapter in life?

I want to travel and live a carefree life which is near impossible. Aih, why so many things to think about, to consider and to make decision??

Which direction to go?? North or South??? Torn into pieces. Damn… Things dont come easy for me…

»»pŵáĥ««verano says:
i hate relationship thingy la….so complicate n tauhin..

I somewhat agree…depends on what type of relationship.

Since everyone say the rational choice is Penang, what say do i have?

25 days left.

It’s just a matter of time i leave KL. with a heavy heart.

Kia…lets go clubbing again, or drinking….

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