It’s Thursday Already……!!

Hey People…It’s thursday already without me even realizing it!! Wooohooo! Weekend is near…but from the looks of it, it’s kinda bleak for me 🙁 Was suppose to go Langkawi but it seems that i might need to work!! My…When i got the news, i felt like crying because i’m so looking forward for the weekend getaway after working almost 6days a week for many weeks!!

Anyway, if i DO go, promise i will take loads of photo ya! I know my blog lack of photos recently but sorry ppl, really no time to go out. Unless you guys wanna see how my office looks like but i see everyday till wanna meluat, don really want to see it when i view my blog…hahaha…

Here’s a video that i find so so so funny, i upload it to youtube so that i can share with you!! Seriously Damn funnnnnny!! I laugh till my lungs are begging for air!!

And remember the entry i blog bout pachebal rant? Here’s another video from the same guy, dedicating a song to American Idol Losers. Btw, why is that sanjaya still in the competition?????

Till then, love yA!

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  1. Wan Yean says:

    the snowball and the big boulder rolling down wan sipeh funny lah!! i laugh til i cry lol

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