Jatujak Market

The incredible maze of stalls called JJ by local but Chatuchak by tourist..The below photo does it no justice as it only show a quarter of the actual size. The clock tower marks the center point.


Where you can find everything under the sun!

Literally under the hot hot sun 🙂


All sorts of people as well.

As much shopping damage had been done the day before at Platinum, my trip there was kept to the minimal and more focus on souvenirs hunting. Dressed for the heat that I’ll be combating.


But once I knew I’m going Bangkok and obviously that will include JJ, I wanted to try the famous boat house noodle.


It’s quite good, but the wait was quite horrible. Only 1 person was making the noodle, the rest of the staff was just standing around, taking orders, ushering people to sit here and there…. =____=

Would have helped alot if those people make themselves useful.

The noodle is sort of like glass noodle but not quite. They have it in beef or pork. I had beef, nidnoi’s pork with a huge fishball. The soup would be the essence of the whole dish. So remember to drink up! although it’s fucking spicy.


*Updated* Forgot to mentioned the location. Okay, it’s practically quite easy to find. Along the main street inside Jatujak, somewhere along the midsection there’s like a tiny food court. Walk all the way pass the food court, then you’ll reach to few soi/lane with air-conditioned restaurants or shops. It’s just at the corner. Impossible to missed unless you can’t see, hear or even smell -__-

Secondly, I wanted to see the huge pet section that I missed on my first trip there. I’m so glad I found it this time!!

The puppies all are toooooooo cuteee!!


Puppies are perpetually cute, no matter what breed.

Look at how the seller will put tiny ribbon on their head…to heighten the percentage of people buying them on the spot. People like me *shifty eyes*


Of course I couldn’t buy any 🙁  Just look at the cute and stupid faces on the first and second photos on the left…

I’ll end the post with the a busker which is scattered like pepper in the market. ASIAN STYLE!


The paper reads ” For Education” FYI

Anyway, the market is always filled with busy buzz and sound of people bargaining. The only time everything and everyone stood still, was when the speaker suddenly blast their national or king’s anthem.

Quite a sight to see giggling tourist or lost looking tourist thinking “WTF??!!” :))

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4 Responses to Jatujak Market

  1. pp says:

    eh.if buy the puppy can bring back msia 1 ka?haha…

  2. Eve says:

    huhu: memang best

    PP: Can. The custom part abit mafan but manageable la. Importing dogs from Thailand need quarantine wan..

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