Jay Chou 周杰伦 Opus 2013 Malaysia

Despite being an avid concert go-er, I’ve never been to any of Jay Chou concert until last Saturday.


I’m not really Jay Chou fan in the first place. Its just that he’s one of those singer that was very much part of my teen years. So attending of of his concert is like ticking an item off my bucket list. I’ve heard very good feedback about his concerts prior to this so I was expecting quite a bit from him.


They placed a glow in the dark stick on every seat. Great idea as the whole stadium was illuminated up so nicely.


The photos below was taken with HTC1, such a huge difference in terms of quality compared to my ip4s above.. -_____-



I think the concert was just mediocre really. The overall concert length was quite short with alot of breaks in between or performances by someone else, which I thought was quite unprofessional. We paid to watch him sing, not others. Maybe opening or 2-3 songs it’s alright, but there was like entire session for the juniors from his company. -__-  Also i felt like he was super promoting his latest movie more than anything..


Furthermore I really do think that it’s quite overprice. Quite disappointed with the stage deco or the special effects, seen nicer ones from Eason’s or better visuals from Leehom’s  He’s really milking it this time around. I’ve had better seats paying less or the same comparatively.  Or it is now a norm to increase prices of anything since people will still queue like mad for it?

Despite the negativity, I was still singing along and feeling super nostalgic when he played all the oldies. Gawd, he kept reminding us that its was 13 years ago when he first got his break. 13 years is such a looong time to be a passive fan hahaha… There was also obvious generation gap with the other younger crowd… for example I was singing along happily to songs like 安静or 最後的戰役, the girls sitting near me wasn’t as excitement as when he was singing Mine Mine…hahahaha …

Here’s a short instavid of one of my fav all time songs from him – Rainbow


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