Jazz Lee 2002 – 2012

Spoilt is an understatement for this little lady here. Always so impatient for a pat on her head or her tummy rub or the little kisses that was ambushed on us. She had lived a full and lavish life with us. Not forgetting your show- dog days. Making everyone so proud, winning ribbons and Best of Breeds title. So young, so much achievement already haha 🙂 You have always been such a pretty little dog.

Will always remember how cheerful and excited you are to greet us everyday single day for the past 10 years, no matter rain or shine. Same level of excitement for everyone everyday.

I will miss you, little shadow.  I hope you are in a better place now, with plenty of pears and apples and  free flow of Haagen daz ice cream. Also car rides with window down everyday, no more scary hair dryers. That is the only consolation we have right now. Thank you for all the joy, laughter and love you brought us.

Love you forever baby jazz.

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