Jogoya! Maison!!

Today, some water pipe burst in Gombak that causes me being stinky/chou nu ren whole day -.-|| They promised that the water will be back by lunch, me and roomie waited till supper, not even a trickle of pee-like drops can be seen. We dont even dare to go to the market this morning, we had to use our drinking water to brush our teeth…Spastic pba People!!!!!

We finally form a bathing squad and walked over to a friend’s place to bath. DAMN SAD!!!!! I now smells of sweet strawberry…Weee!! =)

Last Saturday, DivaLisa was in KL for pc fair. So i went over to her hotel SUITE to visit her. I was hot and flustered by the time i reach her hotel, somemore she called me when i’m crossing road.

DivaLisa:”Eh, you crossing the road issit? Wearing red top, with white shoes right?”
Me: Yala…Where are you? Come down la!!*looking left & right while crossing road*
DivaLisa: *sinister laugh* You can’t see meee! I’m in my suite looking down at you. Faster come up!! Bye.

So i had to bring my ass up to her room, on the way getting lost in the grand hotel. Her suite is so big, its like i can’t finish walking.. Before i can catch my breathe, she pester me to go lunch ady. Her motive is to show off her lansi right… =.=”

She decided to bring me to Jogoya, the super expensive japanese restaurant in Starhill*Do a happy jiggle* wahaha!! Finally, i get to go there. I tell you, although it’s like 100 per person, it’s damn worth it ok!

Didn’t take alot of photos, cos i’m busy eating, they have a 2hr-per-customer policy. Plus, the ppl there looks very posh…so i’m shy to take photo..dont wanna loook like a jakun ok… They have like escargot, lobster and all those ecentric food la.. Here’s some of the food.
U see the paper wrapped thingie, super delicious..called Sukiyaki..and u notice the oyster or not?? I had like the best tiramisu EVA!! They have assorted deep fried stuff, which i love..and they love me too!!
And i notice almost every table has this funky looking drink, so i got myself one too..Turns out it’s the BEST coconut juice. Even DivaLisa that dont drink coconut, drank all of mine >_<
The place is huge..and it’s full..KL is really filled with people with money printing machine.. They have like different section for different food.. I took only 1 photo of the ninja-lookalike-staff coooking. hehe….
I’ve been to HEAVEN AnD bAcK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Fast forward to midnite, i went to Maison for the first time. Wanted to go loft but was not allowed in because 2 guys are not wearing collared dress code wan ok… T___T

They had Joey G spinning that music, not really my type..and the crowd isn’t really happening. All just stand around like dont know what to do. They have bed-like-sofas.. for people to make out??? Plus, it’s very dark inside… hehe..i dono.. i just love the laser light and the glass balcony.. Ooooo, when we enter the place they had to stamp us right. They still uses the blue ink old skol…Nowadays, ppl use the invisible ink already..So that underage kids wont pecah tembelang the next day..hahahaha
Towards the end of the night, a fight broke out. The victim i think, had a very bloody face. scary la..why come out to have fun want to fight pulak??? You are so good at fighting then go WWF la..diu.. I think they used the stool to hit his head or something, can’t really see clearly cos the guys already surround us like a fort…*muaks*
Very the potong stim ok…having fun halfway, then fight fight, the whole crowd lari lintang pukang scared raid or we hover over to loft. I like it there better… Actually i like it alot! i wanna go there some other time, i think..if i got the chance… ;P
This time around, instead of going mamak, we went for the dim sum at jln ipoh..i like i like…


This is a video i found when surfing youtube. If you like to watch dance video, it’s Highly RECOMMENDED!!

The creator is so good at using other mtv dance scene and uses Sexy Back song. It’s better than the original video. So sexy. So Hawt….Do watch!!

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  1. ting says:

    ishh..i also want to eat.. so envious..

  2. Eve says:

    haha…u also had buffet the other day ma..

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