Junk Food II

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Just in case you don’t know, KFC has come out with a new item on it’s menu. It’s the OR Chicken Chop in Mushroom Sauce. After spending 1.5 hours waiting for my sis, we head to Tesco to try out the chicken chop. and it looks like this :

*Forgive me for the poor quality photo. Maklumlah, i’m still a poor student with bad cameraphone

Conclusion: Not very positive feedback from diners (not me, i opt for snackplate)

After dinner, went to buy all the junk food available in Tesco again. In case you forgot already, i blog about it sometime ago. This time we bought even more!! The whole trolley is purely junk food that will ruin your kidney! Anyone would have drop dead instantly if he/she attempts to finish all of it in 1 sitting. haha

Guess how much is the total bill?

Updated: Since no one is interested to guess the total amount, i’ll just post it up*sulk sulk sulk* No fun wan you people…*sulk sulk sulk*

ps: Anyone knows a good tour operator? I want to go Pulau Payar with my friends. Drop me a line y’ll.

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16 Responses to Junk Food II

  1. Jason says:

    Got camera phone somemore poor student meh? I don’t even have a camera phone, hahaha.

    How much is the KFC chicken chop? Is it finger lickin good?

  2. Eve says:

    the camera phone not very high-tech wan ma, so canot produce good photos. But for impromptu, it’s still alrite.

    10.40nett, it’s the same taste as the or burger, not very filling lar.

  3. Laksa says:

    wow, that’s a lot of junk food! spare some? 🙂

  4. cK says:

    i miss malaysian kfc!!! kfc in the states sucks man!

  5. cK says:

    btw..I belum visit tesco in penang b4.. nice anot?

  6. Arth says:

    You guys have serious junk food problem la….hahah. I can’t imagine myself eating all those stuff without thinking about my weight and health…
    Diabetes and other scary illness those junk food might give us scares the sh*t out of me! yikes..
    I’m not trying to scare you but i’m just paranoid and all.

  7. Eve says:

    chin kian: Next time u balik pg, i give u the KFC fried chicken powder, then u can show us how to cook yummy chicken. haha. I ask you back, sunshine farlim nice anot?

    arth:That’s the supply for my sis’s team. They’ll finish it i think in less than a month!Scary huh? Should submit to Ripley’s. haha

  8. Jason says:

    hey, you posted the price so fast. Didn’t give us more time to guess, hahaha.

    btw junk food worth 251 ringgit is crazy! It’s like you’re organising a big party, hahaha.

  9. Eve says:

    Jason: as if u wanna guess laaa… -_-“

  10. cK says:

    how u know I like to cook? huh?? why suddenly ask me about sunshine farlim????

  11. Eve says:

    chinkian: ur blog has so many “how to cook (insert)” duhh…u ask me tesco nice or not, so farlim nice or not? it’s all hyper market. How fun can it be la, dear? hahaha

  12. angchoonseong says:

    ur sis punya team all overweight ar?

    lemma..actually can ask ur sis to buy straight from kilang lar..save money money…this amount of junk food can be sold in kedai runcit mutu for a few months liau…

  13. Eve says:

    acs:not fat also, somemore alot of lengluis..haha. Buy from what kilang la..they want M&M, pringles, oreo, cheezel, cottage fries. i also pening.

  14. cK says:

    hahaha. Ok I get what you mean liao… i very long didn’t post up cooking 101 stuff liao ler…

  15. joosing says:

    y u wanna buy so much!!?? got big party hio?? or for the pulau payar trip wan????

  16. Eve says:

    joosing: every month also buy. It’s not party. It’s junk food to eat for fun in the office la. Refer to the first post la. i explain already. ahah. Click the link la

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