Just when i need to release my frust…

i can turn to my blog at anytime!!

Well, just about anytime provided i have internet access =)

What am i doing up at 5.48am on a friday? Firstly, i’ve been doing my assignment for few days in a row. Wedneday, i tried to finish my assignment which you might have guessed i couldn’t although i slave throughout the whole night until 7+am in the morning

After taking a nap, i woke up at 11am(surprisingly) to continue with my assignment, ignoring the fact that msHweee2 and sarah is waiting for me to go midvalley. Staring blankly at the screen full of numbers, excel sheets and words for the next hour made me realize i need a break.

Off to midvalley i go…to get things done for DivaLisa’s wedding and some last minute stuff. Arghh…so hungry, i finally get to eat my supper, breakfast, lunch + tea at 4pm after shouting at hweee and sarah. They rather zoom in from 1 shop to another then let me eat… =.=||

Oooh….then continue shopping again until we met up with masterlong. Got home at 10plusss and i’ve stay put infront of the monitor until now. Amazinnggg.

Remember i’ve only slept for 3 hours the day before.

54 hours

5 hours of sleep

I’m Officially from Krypton!!!!

AND I’ve never beeeenn so homesick before in my 1.5 years stint in kl~!!!!! Infact, i’ve never been homesick before. EVA

2pm!!! I’ll get to board the familiar bus and go HOME!! WAraooooo….ME WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!! and get away from all the stupid number, books and never ending assigments!! I want to break free !!!

Me <3 Xmas!!!!

I’ve been to midvalley like 3 times within 7 days. HAHAHAHA. Last year during xmas week, i was there 5 days out of 7 =.= why?

Anyway, thanks to SARAH and SinYee for accompany me there for THE DRESS hunt =) and also thanks to Summer and Will.i.am for keeping me awake and not pengsan on my desk

Photos overload, for those that dont have not seen the Sweetest Christmas decoration in Midvalley. Me Love it! Too bad i don’t get to watch the show. Hmm…

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