Kapitan @ Chulia Street

Thaipusam just passed. I idiotically drove on on the height of the celebration with the motive of trying to sell off some of my old books at some indian store. Hence, I was stuck in the insane jam for an hour…without getting anything done(the shop are closed) fearing that the coconut will get thrown at my direction and worse part, hungry!!

In conjunction with the celebration earlier on last 2 weeks, Mr.SmallFace, BrotherPoh and Me decided to have tandoori for dinner.  Obviously, we headed off to the best tandoori place in town which is Kapitan Restaurant. I’ve tried several Kapitan  branches but i still feel that the one at Chulia Street is the best. DivaLisa brought me there long long time ago when they were still operating in a small modest shop behind the bus stop.

I noticed a small stall on the roadside next to the shop. BrotherPoh explains that they have very nice cow milks. Like very fresh. So i decided to go take a look at what the guy was stirring in a wok… It looks like he’s mixing some potion. It was actually just Badam Milk (Almond Milk). Pure cow milk that is boiled with grinded almond, cashew nuts and raisins.

Being the greedy girl i am, i ordered the milk although i already ordered Teh Ais. hahaha. Nothing to fear as i have with me 2 bottomless pitt 🙂 It was abit sweet but definitely fresh. I would have another one any given time. but it’s kinda filling too..

Me, gleefully awaiting my meal!!

Then i couldn’t sit still and went over to see how they make my naan. Making sure no funny business in the kitchen..Hahaha..Good/bad thing they adopt the open kitchen concept yes ?The anneh handles the hot “pot” and skewer with great skill.

Meal: Tandoori with garlic cheese naan. At the side, some mintsauce, sweet sauce and curry. Very delicious.

Overall, the price is kinda steep(total bill >RM30) but it’s ok since we dont go there every day. Just once awhile to curb my craving 🙂 But then again, what is cheap nowadays?! Even the takotao in Jusco is $4.50 for 3 flour balls..

Well recommended.

Other amazing food along Chulia

Ecco Café @ Chulia Steet

WanTanMee/Hawker @ night

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4 Responses to Kapitan @ Chulia Street

  1. geri says:

    A lil too pricy for mamak food. Anyways, it does look special and good though

  2. Mr Huhu says:


  3. teongz says:

    Rm4.50 not $4.50.. ini Malaysia

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