Kirishima @ Cititel

Moshi Moshi…Happy Lantern Festival!!! Today also marks DivaLisa’s final day in singledom. She’s bound to the ground forever! HAHAHA

I love japanese food. I can eat japanese food everyday!

It just so happen that my best buddies share my love for japanese foods as well, how wonderful can it get huh? So on 27th September, a day before jasonyong fly, we finally decide to go kirishima after much much arguements, outburst of cursing from summer and procrastination.

We each had a main dish and we shared some appetiser. Like the must have super fresh sashimi~~ I like salmon, not smoked salmons because it taste ashy.. like the name SMOKE Salmon..HAHA This one got 6XS ok..super power!

Then we had this fish which is kinda hard and looks like kiamhu or salted fish. Nothing much to shout about except for it’s price 0_O
This is the Rainbow sushi, they made the top part colourful like rainbow yet tasty.YumYum!

Not to forget the Unagi Sushi, i feel tat it’s nice although i don’t really fancy sesame seed on/in my food.
Here’s my favourite jap food of all, simple yet so godlike tasty!! I like rice that taste sweet and i can mix everything together and eat. Merely thinking of it makes me hungry. I always order it everywhere i go. It’s like i want to try out every katsudon there is, and compare abit. Abit crazy huh…nvm

Next up, LadyCow’s order i find abit weird. Too soupy for my liking. HAHA it’s nice they scoop nice, hot, white steamy rice into a cup of green tea.

Honestly i feel the dinner started off weird. Maybe we have not get together too long. Maybe we have not spoken to each other for too long. Frequencies had been fiddled with over that 1 year period we have not met up. Hmm…Sad yet true. People tend to drift apart when you don’t hang out together much. No topic, nothing to start conversation.

However, thanks to Horsey, it got us all back track. Like a lighted match that met the wick of a dynamite. Poof!! And there we go until the waitress had to tell us they are closing soon. HHAHAHA On the way out, as usual, we had to take photos with the each other. That’s when we realize they have a mirror as wall deco. Ngek Ngek.. This one summer was cut into 2..poor dear.

Then we had another one, which we all cramp into a frame, because no one wants to share the fate of summer. HEHEHE…See all the space around us…wtf -.-||

That’s all for tonight. Had a loooooooooonnnnggg day today. Luckily the guys went Dota or else, i probably am not home by now. hehe..first time i was grateful they went killing spree instead of hanging out together =)

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10 Responses to Kirishima @ Cititel

  1. piggy yee says:

    hey!c…i’m the 1st this time.
    i luvvvv the salmon sashimi n rainbow sushi row soooo much.looks so yummy~~it makes me fart a lot. šŸ˜› how come my ubi keledek doesnt look tat nice :<

  2. j a s o n y o n g says:

    wahhh i look so cute
    nice missing the food d now..sighh

  3. ting says:

    why is it lisa’s last day of being single?

  4. aL says:

    eh…how come didnt put up price wan ar!? is that all so many of you eat? strange. its not enuf for me alone leh…

  5. Eve says:

    piggy: told u not to fart on my blog d *spray disinfection all over*

    jason: tak malu..

    ting: cos she no longer is mar..hehheh

    al: u want price to spoil the mood meh? I didn’t take all photos ler, busy talking and eating d..ahaahah

  6. CY says:

    woot~! nice photos, as usual šŸ˜‰

  7. Eve says:

    cy: thanks! some of it my friend took it =)

  8. Jenhan says:

    it was a bad decision visiting your blog…

    open only see sushi.

    GRAGGH! why you play with my feelings like this!

    haahaha…it looks damn delicious by the way šŸ™‚

  9. summer says:

    aiyo…u mention me in ur blog..paiseh la..*blushing*..hehehe…i miss tat UNAGI’s called special rolls (if i’m not mistaken)…i oso miss the food la…so hungry now.. ;)..kekeke..horsey is our main interest no matter whn&where…horsey even get 2 b in ur blog..ish…

  10. reona says:


    I am glad you like Japanese food and enjoyed eating Sushi!

    I like sashimi of salmon!!

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