Koh Lipe

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I’ll try to condense the whole Koh Lipe trip in 1 single post so it will be quiiite long.

9am – van pick up from Hadyai Hotel
11am – reach Pak Barra Pier. Looks better than what I expected. Before entering have to pay some nonsense fee of 200bht per pax i think. Wait for speedboat to depart by


12PM – Finally departed from the pier. During low season only once a day which is 1130am but multiple ferries. The sea was quite choppy and there was people vomiting -__- If you have seasickness, even the slightest, i recommend you to pop the pill.

130PM – Finallly reach Koh Lipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After so many hours spent travelling. But after going to Bangkok on bus, I felt this was easy-peasy mehhh~

Our transportation from Penang > Hadyai > Pak Barra > Lipe > Pak Barra > Hadyai > Penang only cost us RM180 each. To our surprise, the resort arranged pick up for us. You can see the guy in white with the big board looking for another guest before heading off the other side of the island with a tiny truck convert into hadyai style tuk tuk.


We stayed with Mali Resort the entire 3 days we were there. Initially I booked the garden wing for first night, but upon arrival, almost immediately we asked to stay at the Chalet for 2 nights ! This is the lobby/reception/bar/restaurant/all in one place for anything you need.

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We stayed in the Balinese Luxury Garden View at 2500bht which was a steal for such a nice nice room. Even though it says Garden View but seriously, we were just 2 chalet away from the beach.


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Here’s how spacious the room was. The favorite spot in the entire room for us was the day bed. It’s like you can sun tan while reading a book or watch some show on ipad yet able to enjoy the air conditioning ! You can click on the image for larger view


The very open and spacious outdoor shower. ACS’s favorite for the entire trip. Taking a shower in the nature is just different. Especially refreshing in the day, a little scary at night hehee.. 🙂You can click on the image for larger view


Was even visited by this metugi (메뚜기) while having a shower. I thought it’s a fake one but turns out it’s real. While blogging this, I just realize it was in the above photo as well.


Most of the food here are quite pricey. However, given that most of the ingredients are “imported” from the mainland, it does justify the price. To our surprise, we had quite a few nice meal here.

This nutella pancake as afternoon snack after a stroll.. We stop by this place to rest after a walk and to use the wifi hehhehe

La Luna Italian – the famous Italian restaurant on the island at Walking Street. This place serves really nice gnocchi and pizza. It’s about RM20+ per dish.

The orange drink is their special ginger and fruit shake. It was quite weird in the beginning but as you drink it, its really nice.


Raklay Seafood – There’s a few places serving BBQ along the walking street and we just happen to try this as it’s packed with local Thais. We had such a wonderful meal here although its quite a long wait. Our best and cheapest meal on the island as well. We had tomyam, green curry, fish cake (must order!) and calamaris. All that for only 1200baht. I actually think we ordered more but couldn’t remember anymore -__-

We also had a casual lunch at one of the shop near the beginning of the walking street but it was totally tasteless and expensive. Like 1 normal fried rice for RM15 or so -__- Hence we decided to have lunch at the resort the following day. It was price more reasonably and taste better than that stupid place.


What we love the most about the trip is absolutely doing nothing . There’s no zooming here and there to make sure we see this and that.

We were well aware that most of the already little shops will be close during the low season. With that in mind, we “splurged” on better resort as we know we will be spending most of our time there. They do have resorts that you can get at around RM80 per night.

As I said, my favorite spot. Watching Running Man together, while munching on junk food and laughing till we are breathless, in an air conditioned room with such a view. Isn’t this what a holiday should be ?

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If we were not watching Runningman, we would be doing nothing. Like just spacing out.

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or talking and playing with the few dogs at the resort

After breakfast/brunch on the 2nd day, we just decided to rent a long-tail boat out for island hopping. As we missed out on the group tour which sets out really early, we booked the entire long-tail boat for ourselves at 1500baht. Quite reasonable i would say.

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Extreme camwhoring -_-

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We only went to like 3-4 spots before we requested to call it a day ahaha.. We were quite tired from splashing around the water. It was quite a weird combo as ACS doesn’t know how to swim but are able to see (contact). MrSmallFace forgot his contact but loves to snorkel and swim. I can see and swim but doesn’t like to be near any fish. I think we had more fun napping on the boat and taking silly photos.

Ko Tarutoa is one of the spot where the boat will bring you. We were amaze with the shiny stones surrounding the island and how there’s rock stacking up on until we read a sign .. the sign warning us that whoever that takes a stone away will be curse… o_O which made us want to leave the island asap.

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Talking a walk at Walking Street is the only thing you can do to spend time actually. It’s the only street on the Island and connects you to the other beaches on the island.


A useful map that pinpoint almost every possible place that may interest you on the island.


It took us about 40minutes to finish exploring the whole island.

Our 2nd choice accommodation – Castaway Resort. Look so nice but too bad the chalet are fan-only

I also had one of my best massage experience along the beach. I forgot the name of the place but it’s the only one facing the sea, next to Lipe Beach Resort on Pattaya beach. The technique used was just so different from all the massages that I’ve had and I dare say I had my share of massages so far hahaha.. Maybe the ambiance did a big part in it, which natural sound of crashing wave and swishing sound of the trees.

Swinging at our resort. Another favorite spot as it’s only here or anywhere nearer to the bar that we can have wifi

Super good weather on 2nd day. photo unedited straight from my iphone

A group photo before we leave the island on the 3rd day. We had to leave by 9am so basically we don’t have any time. Spent most of the day waiting and travelling with 2hours transit in Hadyai for lunch.

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The island is currently undergoing heavy development, so do not expect something like 100% clean beaches or sea. But it’s still alright where I stayed. To me, the stretch along Sunrise Beach are totally goners, the sea was oily with all the speedboat coming in daily with no proper control.

Anyway it was a super relaxing trip for us and just what each of us need. Splurge on a nice hotel because that’s where you will spend most of your time.

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  1. ricky says:

    would u kindly send me the info. where to take a van from penang to pak bara

    Hi, you have to change to another van in hatyai. any of the bus company in penang/prangin mall can help you with tickets.

  2. giacinto says:

    Hi possible transfer the 30/12/2015 from Pakbara pier to Penang for 2 persons? How much and how many time? We arrive from Kho lipe!

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