This is the game that had been keeping me away from blogging.

Freaking addictive. Fucking scary game with blood, zombies that moves at exceptionally crazy ziggy zagging speed. Fucking embarrassing also from shrieking occasionally in the almost always packed cyber cafe! Anyhoo, it had been agesss i’ve been playing any games except Geo Challenge from FB =.= The last games i’m addicted to would be Gunbound..heehe

More! More! Zombie killing is good for relieving stress. Cheaper than beer too. RM0.80 an hr..ahhaha..dirt cheap!

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2 Responses to L4D

  1. wanster says:

    rm0.80? mana?!

    Eve:Behind my house.

  2. desmond-t says:

    Holy cow!!!!!!

    U must be blogging from Sky Lane, rite? hahaha

    Wait next time I join you kill zombies again!

    Played until si pek tension, k? I feel much more stressed after playing LOL

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