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2nd day was not that bad =)) I finally get to have a few smooth conversation with my colleauge. Found out that there are a few bloggers among the small community. HAhaha. Too much time in our hands?

Tomorrow is SATURDAY! Yeeeayyyyyyyyy!! No work, no early rising, no cold-freezing workstation. Going Lalalala and ice cream!

Me: Ice cream ah, ice cream…
HD: Im not just plain ice cream, im high class ice cream called Haagen Dazz Fondue
Me: Whatever fuck your name is la, im going to EAT YOU~
laughing evilly!
gobble gobble gobble
ice cream no moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..wEeEeeeeeeeeeeeeee
*stop dancing*


Recently my streamyx line in penang sux like the roadside-few-day-old-shit-of-stray-dogs. So, being a smart consumer, i called the 1800 88 9515 and the shedding of blood begins….

A simple search in wikipedia reveals this:

“TM Net has often been mocked by names given by stressed users that would apparently suit their services such as “TM Nuts”. Their broadband service isnt spared from this, either. The official name is Streamyx, and because of the amount of problems it gives its users, constant disconnections being the most famous of all, the users have often named it “Screamyx”, “Stimx”,”Sillymyx” and “Slowmyx”.”


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2 Responses to lil’ bit of this lil’ bit of that

  1. Anonymous says:

    tell u a bad news
    1800 88 9515 stop fubctioning oledi… .
    lets pray for malaysia’s future…
    kita boleh…… ke?

  2. Eve says:

    i know it stop functioning. It’s now 1300, money sucking bastards…=(

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