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So Lincoln is the nearest big city to me that i will go to whenever i can(once a week). In order to get there, i had to take a 1.5hrs bus ride from my journey. Previous monday, i went there to meet 2 of my coursemates. For them, i woke up at 630am to paint my face and wait for the freaking bus at 750am in the freaking cold. I haven’t woke up on purpose anytime before 9am for ages. Oh yes, vanity comes with a huge price tag.

Then i found out that the bus only goes as far as the next town. So i got down and asked for directions to the train station. I had to walk for 2 mile = 3.2km to get to the train station!! Ok, treat that as morning walk. When i got there, the train just left…… =__= I had to wait 40minutes for the next train at the tiniest train station ever with a weird auntie that kept laughing by herself…looking like this


I finally got to Lincoln at 10am, an hour later than i expect. And being called a Doreamon by the ‘friend’.. ungrateful bastard..cis..

I was only attracted to the High Streets but the 2 insists on going to see the Cathedral and Castle. Huh…i’m starting to think all the magnificient-ny feeling of cathedral from me is wearing off. It’s just another church. Nothing compared to Sagradia Familia.

We had to crawl up the very steep path towards the castle and cathedral and when we got there, did not go in also. As usual, need admission fees so just stand outside and take photos lah.

The cathedral used to be the tallest building in the world for 200 years and some part of The Da Vinci Code movie was shoot here. Some trivia for the day huh 🙂

Then we went lunch and went to the riverbanks for some final photos before parting ways. So sad, no more seeing friends again 🙁 This is Mr.Chua, the fella that change 360degree from the person we all know back in Malaysia. also the fella that called me doreamon.*vengence!*

The riverbanks really nice with swans and some other white bird species swimming around.

I had to go early because i still need to work. But the following is from the previous visit to Lincoln where i manage to shop around alone and spend a small fortune -___-

I have 2 prinsip hidup all this while.
1. Never watch movie in the cinema alone
2. Never eat a meal alone out in the restaurant or cafe or kopitiam.

The 2nd prinsip hidup i had to break it since i moved to KL last time or else i’ll be as skinny as Nicole richie by now.

So i was really hungry after shopping for 3 hours and i randomly choose a place to eat. This old place as u may notice from the previous photo (it’s the black and white frame behind the bridge) looks like nice so i went in.

Kinda sad to answer “Oh, just table for one please” when i was asked but i had a really pleasant surprise as it was their 70th birthday so everything on the menu is 70p. HOHOH

I ordered a latte and a roast lamb. I don’t think you can see how nicely cooked it was from the photos. I hastily took it because i want to eat it !!!

I cleaned the plate alright and it was delicious. The lamb was just nice to bit on and with a hint of mint sauce, it’s just great! After seeing almost every table with a pie, i ordered one too, obviously. fruit pie ever. Never underestimate the keganasan of english pies, be it mince pie, apple crumble or this fruit pie.

Although i get to savour such good food, it’s not good enough for me. Because there’s no one around to show the goodness with. To share a conversation with. To share a laughter with. From my eye view, this is all i see…

I’ve been at the table for one situation for quite a long time now. Going back to Asia soon seems intimidating to me. Asian guys seems to be a whole lot of shallow people that only likes stick thin people. God, i don’t ask for much…I just don’t want to die a spinster T__T

But a spanish or latino guy would be nice though.. Hehe..Anyway, this is how dark it is at only 330pm!!! It’s just insane..

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6 Responses to Lincoln

  1. Piggy Yee says:

    wat???all food 70P?
    tats damn cheap!ur pics reminds me of UK life T________________T

  2. j a s o n y o n g says:

    dark at 330
    welcome to the uk n this part of the world
    my record was 230 dark(that was in norway n sweden)
    u r sick of cathedral n churches d?
    it took u quite a while
    i got sick of it after 2 months here.see also wanna run far far away d.HAhHAH

  3. Eve says:

    s.yee: ahha..u lansi the food of msia i lansi the food of uk la..while i can..yea..damn cheap right 70p only!!

    Jason: the church in uk is like masjid in msia. turn around u see another one..hahah

  4. angchoonseong says:


  5. angchoonseong says:


  6. Eve says:

    ang spammer

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