Little List

Wants in life

If only i have some extra cash 🙁 Every girl has got a weak point. Be it bag, accessories , shoes and it’s no secret i am a bag slut.

Classic earrings.

Chanel 2.55 – Timeless piece – definitely a keeper for life

Pretty Balenciaga GGH City-  when can i have you in my bag closet???

I came across Prada Saffiano Lux Tote while watching the bag collection youtube of Fuzkitties and totally love it. Another one of those who will survive through all season.

The Alexa – perfect for weekends or holiday

Lady Dior – probably in a more subtle color.

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2 Responses to Little List

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    go ask from rosmah mansor la

    Eve: have you seen the vids Wanita Puaka?? ahhaa

  2. wendy says:

    chanel! balenciaga! lady dior!!

    i was in dior sometime ago for 30mins just trying on different colours of lady dior!
    sooooo niceeee! damn tempted to buy but i didnt *self-control – 1, impulse buying – 0* hehe

    Eve: sooner or later you will.. 🙂 most of the list you sudah ada jugak la but of course these thing, no one “hiam” banyak wan :p

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