Little Rara

Little Rara is probably my go-to place for my Thai food fix in KL city. So near my office and serves kick ass tomyam noodle, the instant noodle type, which is my favorite!

Dry Boat Noodle

Soup version

A must order, grilled beef.

This is the medium tomyam. Usually it’s served directly from the pot.

The ultimate large tomyam. Eggs, mussels, prawns, crab meat. So simple yet so good. Writing this makes me want to go back for more now!

My tolerance for spiciness is next to nothing but I can’t resist a yummy Thai noms!

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Waze: Little Rara Thai Noodle House (Jalan Kia Peng)
Parking: I usually parked at the open parking next to Novotel and walked over. RM5 per entry. Or you can choose to park infront of Little Rara, RM15 per entry as it’s the same space for Fuze.
Business Hours: 530pm-1am

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