Loft..many moons ago

This is a long overdue post. So might as well post it before i get really buzy and procrastinate even more. I’ll just let the photos do all the talking. It was a trip down to the club when my dearies was in KL for my birthday and their annual shopping trip. 6 guys in white shirts, 1 guy in beige shirt and 3 ladies. Throw in a few bottles of boozes makes us a very happy lot that night althought it’s kinda quiet in the club that night.It’s was also the first time i met Benjamin and Wanster after a long long time. Spot the bloggers by looking at their bums. haha

Since it’s quiet that night, we practically own the whole place. Running here and there, dancing everywhere. Making noise, taking photos like there’s no tomoro(especially LadyCow and Summer)
And then there’s the birth of our very own SHE. Speng(LadyCow), HUI HWAH, and me, Eve. HAHAHA Since we canot fit in the H so we decided to change Summer’s name for me. Joke of the night.
Of course the obligatory photo of me and dearies.

No parental control in KL means they can do whatever they want. Go gila, like drinking like a fish.
me not included! That’s just some fancy cocktail.
Bloggers dancing.
And that’s me and Ben

and all bloggers + a girlfriend.

Out of the sudden, everyone thinks that smoking is good for your health. We end the night eating at mamak. Very happy indeed. Sorry to end this so bluntly, can’t really remember much what happen that night. So long ady, that’s why blog must be updated promptly when it’s still fresh. Lesson learned.

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