Love/Hate Relationships

Fatty, Unhealthy Fooods

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fuck msn today. once log in, my whole window hang, then i have to ctrl+ alt+ del … Somemore canot format my pc at this saat saat genting when i need to hand in the stupid msn on friday, few hours before i board the bus back to penang to see my dearies..wohoo!

I dono, i look forward for this xmas trip. Dono why la, maybe there have been many late night/hearttoheart talk with Summer, so i eager to see her NEW HIP CHIQ LOOK =P

Been stuck at home for the past 2 days slaving away at 1 single thing only. Income statement, ratios, this and that. Hey, i can balance no sheet ok!! shit ler..die die also must hand in then frEEEE of assignment!! At least for the moment before the FINAL FINAL!! warao.. can die dot com.

Eh eh….i was suppose to post the above few words only, how come rant so long??? U see, that’s what happen when i have loads of work on hand.

I got diverted easily!! Aihh….

and today, inspite of overloaded with work, not so surprisingly i agreed to go KLCC with Ben and beiyao. It’s nice having lunch and catching up! I think i did alot of talking just now, wahhahaha…Excuuuseee me, but i need to release all the cork up energy in me !! =P

Okla…continue my work….Maybe will post something with nice photos, if i’m in the mood later….in the mood means, emo..means non productive academically but very productive socially…kekekekee….


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2 Responses to Love/Hate Relationships

  1. summer says:

    hey dear….so happy 2 know tat u so eager 2 c my new hip chiq look..but sad tat u onli wan 2 c my new hip chiq look n not me..*sob**sob*..just kidding..hope 2 c u tis weekend..HOPEFULLY LA…

  2. Eve says:

    summer: u better make urself appear for the dinner… =.=||

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