Low Kuat Tau

I’m old already.. This morning went for a 2 hours session of badminton with the gang. Actually 1 hour playing and 1 hour gossiping at the bench area. haha. Even 1 hour, i feel so tired now. Can’t really lift my whole arm. Old bones cant take it anymore -_-||| But i really enjoy badminton, stop playing for a year since i went to kl. sadness..

Did you know PizzaHut has these lunch set that are kinda cheap and nice to eat? Very affordable. Stinky as we are, we went there for lunch after sweating for 2 hours. hahaha

Well, if everything goes well, i’ll be heading to Genting tomoro morning(got nagged by dad cos i just got back fr kl, like less than 24hrs ago…) Impromptu decision. Dont you just love spontaneous decisions? I simply love it!! Really! It feels so exhilarating. I feel so young and crazy again!! Muahahaha

If the boys decide to pull out tonight, well, i can still attend a birthday dinner tomoro nite!! It’s a win-win tuesday. ehehehe

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  1. angchoonseong says:

    young and crazy?

    yi shi yi yang is orang tua punya sindrom..

    weilemma..damn hungry see the keturunan loh…christal’s sister kah? mango loh?

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