And I swear I’ll not buy any cameras anymore. Analogue or Digital for the next 5 years unless misfortune befall upon me.

My old lumix served me well and is showing signs of retiring ages. Plus, i’ve been wanting to own a LX3 since I saw it last year during Jazz Festival…

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5 Responses to Lx3

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    is ur hobby collecting cameras?

  2. eve says:

    huhu: sort of. but enough for the time being 😀

  3. Jason Wong says:

    Lumix is good for close ups or product photography.

    Eve: Are you using lumix too? thx for visiting 🙂

  4. ah loon says:

    beh tong nia~~ u make my wan to spend my mooney

  5. KY says:

    LX3 is nais! I bought S90. 😀

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