Main Motive is to GeekLand @ PC Fair…

But i think i’m more interested in the food involves in the trip instead…hahahah.. Friday i woke up at 130pm, cos i slept at 6am(again) and that’s also because someone *cough*angchoonseong*cough* promised to go lunch with me but forgot -.-“

So i tidur balik till 3, when Jennifer and Mr.628 come knockin on my door.. I went to the famous pan mee place at Chow Kit. Heard bout it so many times but no chance to try it out till last friday. Dono how to get there though, as it’s kinda secluded. sorri. True to the name, the food really does arrive very the kin/fast ..suits me as im so hungry at that time. Jennifer had the soupy one…and I had the dry/kon lou one…which i love!! All the eggs are boiled to perfection i tell you!! Each single one of them!! I like to poke at the yoke and mix it all with my rice/noodle..hehe..i like i like alot!! Then you need to mix it with the super special hot + spicy + red chilli. You see already kinda empty ya…hehe After lunch, we went over to the super jam KLCC for pc fair. I’m kinda shy to take photos of the throngs of people. I saw 1 person dressed up like a french maid there. It’s like those cosplay people u know… i’m like 0_O no need to dress up to buy pendrive wan u know?? hehehe….

Dinner, we wanted chillis but waiting list is 40 mins so forget it!! We went Chinoz instead since all of us haven’t tried it before. I say, it’s good!! Definately will go back someday when my dad start to print money. We ordered these meatballs, but ikea one nicer… and this rye-toast something with 3 slabs of cheese in between..spells. Y-U-M-M-Y My lamb lasagna…i miss eating lasagna…this is nice..i like cos it’s damn thick and juicy and cheesy!! and Mr.628 seafood spaghetti..i think it’s really worth it. Since it’s happy hour……. DAmn i miss these kind of life la…. Student can afford no life like this JovialJennifer and me. Thanks for bringing me around, babe ;P Nice or not this photo?? That’s without tripod, slow shutter, no flash plus abit of alchohol…not bad eh….wahahaha I think i need 2-3 more post to finish up on my weekend food…now my blog is more like food blog… =.=

I dont wan…………………………….

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