Makan Makan Trip

For breakfast, duck rice with Mr.Kenny and Mr.Gin. They claim it’s one of the bessst in Penang. So i went to compare whether it can be as best as the London four season duck rice.

Verdict: Canot la. Although the duck skin is really crispy and thin. The problem is because it’s thin. In london, the skin was juicy, thick and crispy. I miss it so much. Eric, if u reading my blog, can you help me tar pau when you come back penang next time? I pay the currency differences la.. hahah

After breakfast went home to wait for Ah Jin to come pick me up. Different Jin from morning ady. This Ah Jin also very free, just like me. No friend, lonely, unemployed. So we had our lunch from 3pm to 5pm.

We ordered almost everything in New World Park, to compensate our hawker food deprivation for 7 months. AND THEN, after sapu or kuih, ice kacang, curry mee, bak chang.. we proceed to Padang Lok Lok for….lok lok -__ –

Then, of course i must go to gym. Actually i think i should stop mentioning to people that i am going to the gym now. People has been expecting alot from me. Like suddenly be like Lin ChiLing or Jessica Alba. Hello people, i am not a miracle worker ok!! I canot suddenly kecut wan. The most i can aim for is like Beyonce body frame only. I can forget about being stick thin wan.

And please also remember i joined for only 2 weeks. Because i’ve only been back to tanah air for 2 weeks also !!!!!!! not 2 months nor 2 years alright?

Ooo.. I think yoga is really not my thn’g. I joined yoga class today and i dont really like it. Expected canot be very flexible ady la but it’s too slow for me. I joined Jazz Yoga the other day and i love it so much. Shall make sure i go for this week class as well 🙂

Okie..back to my makan makan day. Then after gym..i quickly rush home because Ah Jin will be picking me up for second round d..

Damn happy dinner okie…

Because i get to meet back my UK friends. Nop, not guai lohs. But Malaysians that i met in UK and traveled together to Scotland and Liverpool also. These are also the people that i thought i will never met again in my life.

We makan dinner at Kayu. The Original Kayu. Fucking expensive wei. The naan cost me RM8.90. Where got so expensive wan. But it’s good because i met with WingYew, Ah Bo and Ik Bing. HAhaha the photo of expensive naan .!!!!!!!!!.

Let’s hope that with the new year, i will widen my circle of friends and meet more interesting people. See more interesting places and listen to wonderful experiences from weird people. hahaha

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6 Responses to Makan Makan Trip

  1. Sewjin says:

    make me wonder sometimes, what would eve do without food.

  2. Eve says:

    sewjin: try dying.

  3. wendy says:

    wei..dis post makes me crave 4 pg’s food laa..n da photo of da naan..*drool* i miss mamak!! i miss da hawker food!!!

  4. Eve says:

    wendy: ur blog can comment wan or not? Hahaha.. i miss uk also ma

  5. PiggyYee says:

    where got expensive?
    1 pound+ only mar…

  6. wendy says:

    can ar..why not?? haha

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