Makhan @ SS13

Today (definitely it had been forever I blog on the same day) I had lunch at Makhan which is at this cool place near Jaya One. I’ve seen this place on social media but never knew it’s so nearby. I haven’t been to Jaya One for longest time too so no surprise I did not know about the existence of the cool red brick construction sandwiched between it and Columbia Hospital.

It’s a cool place that houses lots of vintage looking bikes for enthusiast. Also, should I point the obvious that the red brick is going to look great as backdrop to your OOTD.

The place serves a mix of British and Indian food so I guess its a good place if you are undecided to go east or west with your dinner party? Also from the looks of it, a good selection of alcohol.

We were there for their set lunch which looks interesting.

Top plate: Pulao Rice and Beef parts in Masala. Initially we ordered the Mutton Curry but already ran out. Mind you, we were there at 1pm. So “beef parts” it is, which we figured will be beef but it’s really a mixture of beef parts. There’s beef tripe, meat and other stuff which I do not want to know 0_o It’s a little on the tough and spicy side. However, the rice was fragrant and tasted buttery. It goes well by itself with the sides.

Bottom plate: Butter Chicken with flat bread. I like the bread a lot. To me, it’s like a very well made fluffy naan. The chicken itself was good and worth trying but nothing to shout about. Recommend to mix the sides with the mains as it deliciously goes well with both rice and naan.

Another point worth mentioning about this place is you have the option to add butter into your coffee (+Rm3). If you are thinking “wtf?” then you can read about the “Bulletproof” coffee fad. 

I would definitely go back as I want to try the mutton curry. That’s a dish recommended by the wait as well.

Waze: Makhan by Kitchen Mafia
Parking: Free but limited. Alternatively can park in Jaya One and walk over.

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  1. The Nonya says:

    Welcome back to blogging, I’ve missed your posts! 🙂

  2. Au says:

    Different foods gives us different nutrients. Check this out!

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