Malacca Melaka

Last week I was in Malacca for business trip.

But before that, I was back in Penang for the weekend and here’s some photos of the world most spoilt dog!!!


Enjoying her private massage.-___-


Me and my boss were put up in the 5 star, Majestic Malacca which also happens to be one of the most expensive hotel in Malacca.

Imagine how thrilled and excited was I when I got the news! hohohoho Checking in was a breeze and I dont even have to carry my own laptop bag…hohooho

Just to prove that I’m really inside the room and the photos as not taken off the internet. 😀


Jengjengjeng! The ROOM!


And here’s the clawfoot bathtub the hotel is so proud of.


Quite sad I dont get to spend much time here. Was out for appointment the entire day! 🙁

Then after dinner, boss treated me to a drink at the bar. Hmm, very nice ambiance and chatty bar tender too. Photo taken discreetly before boss think I’m sampat -__- It was raining very heavily outside that night, and I ordered a glass of pimms. Reminds me so much of my time in UK.. reminiscence of good times…



Their breakfast are priced at RM70++ per pax. Definately I have to try it even though I am in no way a morning person nor a breakfast kinda person.

Once seated, the waitress come by with 2 pots, offering me tea or coffee and then let me choose from a LOOONG list of fresh juices.

Notice the small board on the table? That’s the menu of the breakfast. They have quite a wide variety of cuisine, from big breakfast to mee goreng and chicken porridge -__-


I ordered the Majestic Omelet and it came like an English Breakfast. And instead of walking to the buffet table to get your yogurt and all..

They bring the buffet to you!!


Okay. End of my raving for majestic 😀

Food devoured including the amazing “hong bak” or pork pomteh at Nancy’s Kitchen.


We went back there twice in 2 days and the waiter there is a very pleasant and helpful guy!


Dinner at capitol satay. Nothing so fancy. I dont like it.


The boss making the satay concoction even thicker!


Thanks for reading. Tomorrow I’ll be reuniting with my latest life interest!!!!!!!!!  I’ll end this post with the only photo i took of myself for the entire trip!


It’s blur because in the midst of clicking my camera, my boss happen to turn around. So i had to take my camera away from my face in such a hurrrrry!!

So stress. -_______-

Nancy’s Kitchen Restaurant (can see from jonker street)
Jalan Hang Lekir, Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka, Melaka State, Malaysia
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  1. Mr Huhu says:

    u jadi maid boss ka?

    Eve: isnt that normal -__-

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