March in photos

Month of March was full of many “1-st! ” and travelling! If I count travelling back to Penang from KL as travelling hohoho… 😀

#10 Lake of the Returned Sword, Hanoi –  First ever oversea family trip or anywhere for that matter since I’m 3years ? or something like 20 years! More on that when I finish blogging about bali *if that ever happens -_-|| *

#11 Went back to penang to witness MrSmallFace’s only sibling signing away his bachelorhood and entering into another phase of life. Congrats to Rachel and Ian, wishing you both the very best in life 🙂

#12 outing to the Hot Air Ballon show at Putrajaya with the gang 🙂 It was so crowded and there’s only a few creative balloons that we saw. Ended the weekend in Klang for bak kut teh and realising something that’s I’ve wanted to do for almost 10yrs! woohoo!!

#13 Went back to Penang again! and it’s rained from the highway to penang until the next day. T__T only 1 sunny day in penang.  Pretty Jazz after rolling around the rugs.. 🙂

Since i’m doing project 52, might as well blog about this week before i procrastinate any further. haha!

#14 Was a week of ups and downs. Mostly very down during the weekday, human can be so selfish and manipulative it’s so scary. Was a very negative weekday and so in dilemma. Hope things will get better 🙁  Because of that, I’m so glad I have a group of awesome friends ^^ People I can hang out with all day or rather whole weekend, talking nonsense and laughing ourselves silly for hours.  Went shopping and got myself a new blackberry !! 😀 Had Japanese food twice, and attempted to eat Snowflakes for dessert twice. Fail one, success 1 after a very healthy walk in the park! hahaha… We ate more than whatever calories we lost from the short walk -______-

Looking forward to the weekend again, but it’s only Monday today……..

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