Mid Year Mark

Welcoming the mid of 2017 with a new Malaysia!

Had keep so much in the draft since April and then May, and now is July. Deleted everything and start from scratch.

First thing first~

Malaysia Baru! Who would have thought it could happen? As hopeful as I was for all these year, I am a realist. I had my share of disappointment on election days and with all that had happened to me in the past year, I had learned my lesson to have less expectations.

My family on election day~ I love it that it seems we always have lunch together post casting our votes.

I flew back to KL after election because Bruno Mars was on the same day! It was definitely the most restless concert that I’ve ever attended, I felt sorry to Bruno as I believe 50% of the concert goer attention are somewhere else most of the time.

Also to note, it was the first concert that we all sang Negaraku at the beginning.


My brother got married officially in March at one of interesting venue one could have. The highest point of Penang 🙂

Nothing short of amazing, this wedding.


One of my closest friend finally settling down.

Broke my record in visiting Singapore this year. Why both of my closest people have to move there 🙁 Hope we will be reunited soon #HHReunites.


First time ever in a Baju Kedah, worth posting it.


How the events had unfolded for the past year has certainly opened up my sleepy eyes on certain individuals. It doesn’t really matter as my life is so much more stress free now.

To a happier and more fulfilling future!

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