Minibar Royale, Bangkok

The best part of traveling in foreign land is when you stumble across something fascinating off the tourist map.  This time around, I found this little gem of a place. Or rather the place found me…


*most photos are quite shitty because I try to take them discreetly. I dont want to look noobish -___-

I frequent this place every morning the whole period I was in Bangkok this year. Bangkok always seems to have something up her sleeves, delightful surprises for those that visits.. 🙂


Apart from the Parisian inspired interior, plus some quirky deco such as the blue penguin;  part of the charm is the location. A quaint little place tucked at in a corner of busy Sukhumvit 23, you might just miss it if not observant enough. That offers the little privacy that celebrity or famed people craved for..


In the short time period I’m there, we share the place with famous local models with Birkin bags, and Japanese actress holding private functions there. Even groups of pretty young people with Prada and LV sipping cocktails or sangria… Which makes me look quite out of place most of the time… =___=


I was definitely filled with infatuation towards this place.


Conveniently located next to the hotel I was staying, it was a great excuse to just chill and have our dinner there. They have their specials menu scribble nicely across the huge glass partition around the place.. that’s if you can see in below photo (-_-||)


The very first time I was there, I ordered the Petite Burgers. The burger patties were juicy and made fresh when we order. Most of their food takes about 20-30minutes to be serve, rest assure the quality is excellent, else, just scream at the people there…. :p


The famous meaty crab cakes. This is under appetizer but  by the 2nd day, we were cozy with the waiters there and we had free garlic bread!! So we were quite filled up even by ordering appetizer. Hehehe. The crab patties were lightly pan-fry served with home-made dressing.


Simple yet satisfying Fish and chips. My colleague had this and she’s been thinking of it until today!! She just told me that she’s dreaming of the fish and chips…and she had F&C at Alexis yesterday but it’s not good enough…The effects of Minibar on people that visits them..


This might look like shit, but it’s a rib and prepared tastefully too..hehe


I forgot what this is already. Photos with flash, obviously taken with haste. I think I was very hungry by that time.


Croque something something. Virginia ham and plenty of cheese. Takes 20mins to prepare and totally worth it!! My indon colleague had this 2 nights in a row~


Night time, they have fairy lights lighting up the whole outside garden with vintage fans. Very nice ambiance.


Minibar Royale  also specializes in cocktails made with sparkling wine. There is an entire page in their drinks menu dedicated to them, with half of the drinks listed signature sparkling wine cocktails.  Apart from that, they have draft Hoegaarden. IN BANGKOK! To my delight!


For the many nights, we tried their Lychee Martini, Bellini, Hoegaarden, bloody mary, HOEgaarden (of course).  On the last day I was there, I ordered the Mini Royale cocktail which is a simple combination of pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds with sparkling wine. For my case, the bartender added some vodka for me :)) for some extra kick  :))   I like it so much. It’s pink in color (important!!) and sweet with a bit sourness in it. A little fizz from sparkling wine makes its the perfect drink for a lady like me!


This post took me so long to finish and finally its done and up!

I want to remember. But human brains are selective on memories. As time goes by, it will be tampered with what we conjure up, what we want to remember instead. I hope I remember minibar for many years to come 🙂 Hope to bump into you again…not in 3 years nor 5 years time…

Getting There
Address : Citadines Bangkok Sukhumvit 23
37/7 Sukhumvit 23 Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02 261 5533
Open: 11 AM – Midnight, Daily

Price: All above dish are less than 350Baht inclusive tax and service, except for the ribs.

Nearest BTS-> Asok
Nearest MRT -> Sukhumvit

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  1. ynnek says:

    Minibar replaced Route 66 already…

  2. Eve says:

    I’ll always have room for everything!!! 😀

  3. Mr Huhu says:

    wah so many fud

  4. Eve says:

    huhu: hungry le…hahaha

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