Those that are using mozilla firefox, when you click into this blog, does the colour went off?? Like totally 2 colours?

When i use firefox, it happens, if IE, it’s alright. Can someone help me fix it or guide me or something so that my blog doesn’t look so damn cacat? Thanks <3

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4 Responses to Momozilla

  1. boringest says:

    Try to fix the errors here:

    could be some unclosed div tags or some some accidental characters.

  2. fishtail says:

    On my screen, your blog keeps disappearing and reappearing. Cacat? Lolz! Sorry, can’t help you; am blur on this one.

  3. Eve says:

    boringest: Thanks for the link. But when the page comes out with the result, i still don understand it T_T

    Fishtail: what do u mean disappearing and reappering? Does it refersh by itself all the time? Maybe i seriously have to look into it again.

  4. boringest says:

    First, there’s this part that says:

    <div align=<”center”><a href=””>

    change it to:

    <div align=”center”><a href=””>

    see if it solves the problem.

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