Mr smallface

He has the smallest face and I have a face thats so round you can draw a full circle with it. Together we will be out to hunt for more food~!!!!

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5 Responses to Mr smallface

  1. desmond-t says:

    hello mr small and little miss round LOL

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    Mr small or Miss big?

    Eve: Mr SmallFace only

  3. aL says:

    So hi Ms Roundface… long time no see! hahah 🙂

    a few of us are organizing the next Penang’s Bloggers’ Gathering and it’s just around the corner. Check it out!

  4. teong says:

    … and mr.BigButty

  5. hey, there’s a Food Hunt happening in Penang this weekend…


    so u might be able to bump into this huge group of people driving around the island snatching food with u… 😉

    i think many are driving all the way up from KL….

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