My first investment/liability

I know i should have blogged bout it long time, like 2 weeks ago…but i was lazy busy.

So now i have a commitment in my life. Can’t live like how i used to. Canot afford not to work as need to pay installment and such.

My first car!!! I’ve always like Kenari for it’s height and surprise how spacious it is. It has been a decision between a kelisa, myvi or kenari….Now after driving around it for 2 weeks, i love it even more because it’s so small, i can squeeze my way in traffic…WAHAHAHHAAH

Although it looks a bit like 29 car, but still i like it alot…cos it’s shiny shiny. Hitam itu mutu tinggi 🙂

Today during lunch with LadyCow and Butt, we were comparing our company id tag and working life.

Listening to our conversation, our life are now filled with team building, meetings, issues, company benefits and responsibilities.

My friends, we have moved into the next phase in our life….

i miss being silly.. T__T

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