My Funny Valentine(s)

This year valentine day was again spend with a group of friends. 🙂 For more details on the kinda disastrous yet funny date refer to Mabel’s post.

And then the news that my last surviving grandma was admitted into the hospital for breathless-ness. So all family members met at the icu on valentines day night. After a while, we do what Lee family do best.. Makan makan. quite funny right…

Bak kut teh… the atmosphere was more lau juak than reunion dinner actually. haha

and then we went to my uncle’s place to pray to the God of Sky/ Ti Gong which also marks Hokkien’s Chinese new year. It has been years since we had a proper prayer to ti gong and it has been a really fun and family bonding day to me. It had been almost 10 years i did not see a lion dance performance being performance at such close proximity or at my own/relatives premises.

That is what valentine day suppose to be. Be with who you held dearest. Not being con by restaurant with poor service and cut throat prices. Not on the day where florist flourish. You see the small figure uncle near the bonfire/offerings??

He damn macho and brave ok. When the kids playing fireworks, we shouted at him to be careful of the fire and sparks, but he damn selamba walk pass like nothing only. Then when the joss sticks turn into fire and he couldn’t put it out, he just squat down by the road and hit it out with his bare palm. -___- Damn keng!!

And that is how my valentine day went this year. No rose, no chocolate, no present. But then again, i met some new people which is very good.

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