My KL Home

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Night view from the balcony taken with slow shutter speed + shaky hands with my new camcam. Too bad you cant see the KLCC. The unit next door has a better view i suppose o_O


You know the girl, Lara, that duet with Jay Chou in the song Coral Sea? Well, she owns a blog too. Check it out. Link provided by ACS.

For the girls, here’s Edison Chen blog. I just managed to browse into it today too =) Thansk to moi’s cousin for the link.

Leng jai and leng lui of the DAyyy…

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5 Responses to My KL Home

  1. Jason says:

    woohoo, someone’s got herself a new toy 🙂

  2. christalloh says:

    i dunt understand what Edison said in his blog le… its his click’s language or its juz me???…. super blur now… his fonts are small & strain my eyes from reading it with such colour usage… lol…

  3. cK says:

    is that really edison chen’s blog? doubt it…

  4. Eve says:

    cK: no doubt thats his blog. MY cousin is like groupie, confirm his blog as she follows like since dono when..

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is very interesting site… » »

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