My Merdeka Weekend

In my younger days, Merdeka Eve’s will be spend watching fireworks with my parents from the TV and if I’m lucky, my dad will drive us out to the ever crowded Esplanade.

Then, I would spend it at one of the many countdown parties around. It was purely an excuse to stay out late and have fun. Then, it slowly mellowed down to house parties or just a night in, glad that I’m not working the next day.

This year was very different from any of the above. From the moment BERSIH announced that this would be an overnight rally, I was very sure it will not happen. But it did. So I went almost prepared, everything was in ziplock bags. Almost, because I was a noob at rallies like this. I was expecting the worse. Yet, what I witnessed was the best sides of Malaysians.

Rakyat Malaysia mudah lupa. That’s what they always say.

But let’s not forget this weekend.

  • When we all come together, people from all walks of life, regardless of social status, when you enter the sea of yellow, we were there for pretty much the same reason.
  • where most of us are picking up ourselves or some others rubbish. No litterbugs allowed at an event called Bersih.
  • where everyone is being tolerant of others despite the unforgiving heat during the afternoon.
  • where people are volunteering to keep things organize. Like the guy who held the signage “Toilet & Medic –>” up high. Some arm exercise there.
  • when I actually walked/explored the inner streets of KL despite living here for so long.
  • when silence fell through the streets of thousands during waktu solat.
  • the beautiful moment where thousands of us were singing/humming together under the stars.
  • when everyone was singing the most heartfelt “Negaraku”

Let’s not make these just for this weekend only. We all know we don’t behave that way in real life, so let’s try practice this in our everyday life, for a better Malaysia. Of course there were some parts of the rally which made me feel ??? like, why were there so many place cards in Chinese? But let’s not dwell on that. I’m penning this down as a reminder to myself too. The list can go on and on, but for me, those are the most memorable moments to me.

Day 1

Gathering point, Menara Maybank. Before some of the group went missing.

Saw this monk marching infront of me. Very intriguing sight. 佛都有火

I spotted several water stations but while resting on the side walk, this huge lorry pulled up and the driver came down exclaiming it’s free water! Without being asked, men went up to the lorry and help carried these boxes down the streets to distribute. Irony is that I was afraid access to water might be limited so I’ve prepared 4 bottles in my backpack -_-

Day 2

We went again around 6pm on the second day, with a much lighter feeling.

Can feel that the spirits were still very high from the crowd and people are still coming into the city at 11pm. The view from Masjid Jamek LRT.

I do not expect any change will happen today nor tomorrow. But I hope that with this, it will somehow carry some sort of ripple effect towards the future we hope for.

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