Ninja Joe Burger @ Tropicana

Continuing on my quest to search for more pork burgers

Today I bring you to Ninja Joe, a fairly new burger/fast food place at Tropicana Mall, PJ. To get there, i practically have to walk less than 300 steps from my house. Hohohoh.

After bermahjong dry swimming and watching stupid clips the entire afternoon at my place, we lazily walked over to have some quick dinner before continuing on our weekend activity.

The “restaurant” is located at the basement next to Carrefour. Very easy to spot cos of the red walls.

Actually the burgers are quite pricey. But the more burger you buy, the cheaper it is!  1 for RM5.9, RM8++ for 2 and so on and so on. If you can prove that your name is Joe, then you get a discount too.

Will strongly recommend the shurikens. Or sounds something similar. Pork and potato deep fried. Yummeh~The size of the burger itself is quite small. We had 6 burger among 4 of us. hohoho. You can give the fries a miss. Nothing special.

The De-Bachilazation troops. We are all de-bachilize already. heheh 😀

If you want to know what is de-bachilization, then please click HERE. Prepare to laugh out loud. :)) You have been warned. The clip is in cantonese.. ^_^

till i find the next pork burger………..

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