No sleep tonite!

Literally!! Result out tomorrow wei!! How to sleep???


Unless i drink myself to sleep…which is exactly what i plan to do, just to drown the stupid butterflies in my stomach. My eyes have been twitching on the right side since yesterday, don’t know where’s it’s a good or bad sign. I need all the luck in the whole now!! God damn it!!!

“This is where we fight. This is where they die”

Last night, i watch 300 conveniently name 300 Pahlawan Berani Mati by our malahsia subtitle team -__- Gory, bloody and sexy!! It’s like watching italian footballer dressed in only drapes for 2 hours. King Leonidas did a really amazing job!! He’s the Phantom in Phantom of the opera! To think that he has a to-die-for body, and can sing so well. OMG! Perfect wei!! I like how the king is cheeky at answering the Persians questions. So Farnnee…

So damn yeng and kewl ok the movie!! Although damn violent but i still kept my eyes open*most of the time*

I think it’s a law that all Spartans must dress seductively and maintain their 6-10packs until they die. You see the old council people still having great bodies and moms wearing skimply, like wtf. But i like, then 300 8-10 packs mens with face like greek gods work their abs and show their machoism!! Wooo…..really nice although some part was kinda stupid like..How come the blood vapourize into the air because the war zone looks free from blood stain? and How did the storyteller know bout the ending of the war although he left early? And how can Leonidas ask questions like “What’s your profession??” hahahah….

I still love Braveheart the most, but this one can beat any movie like troy or king arthur anytime!!!! Oo, did i mentioned that all the soldiers are sizzling hot can die??!!!!?!?!

300 is so best everyone should watch! Enuf said.

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7 Responses to No sleep tonite!

  1. ck says:

    I think your result wouldn’t be like 300–all die…HAHA! Sleep well lah! No problem one….(Mr. Wong said one!!)

  2. CY says:

    How about the Spartan gals? 😛

    All the best for results!

  3. Wan Yean says:

    i just came back from watching 300, and woooaaaahhh….. SYOK! though those 300 soldiers make me feel fat. urgh.

  4. Eve says:

    Mr Wee: i sleep very well last nite!

    CY: tell you ady ma, all wear seductively

    wanyean: fatty!

  5. CY says:

    Whoa, must watch! Lol 😛

  6. Eve says:


  7. - PC - says:

    i heard from my sis… all u see is NIPPLES!!! LOL! i haven watch la. who wana go wid me?

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