of bad luck-ness that happens

of all the bad services that i’ve encountered of recent, i think I’m better off writing on Penang Worst Service Eatery rather than the best food. Most of the time, when they are at top form, they tend to forget that it’s the service that got them where they are today.

I think the customer are also part of the culprit for keeping quiet on such treatment and kept going back for more, making the food operator thinks that without YOU only measly customer i wont die… I’ve already blacklisted a couple of places since last weekend. It’s a pity their food is really nice.

Also i’m down with very bad cough and flu since the weekend and KO from work. It’s like really really bad cough, I can only cough uncontrollably while tear streams down my cheeks. I even cough till i vomit out my dinner. Grossness. Cant do much except sleeping. I slept like from 12AM to 4PM and wake up for abit and slept again. Best. sleeping cures everything!

Wonder why i fell sick quite often in Malaysia. Don’t really recall me falling sick when i’m in Uk alone for 7 months… there must be something that triggers me to fall sick. Probaly because subconsciously i’m not happy at what I’m doing lately..

The good news is that i’m now officially at the ideal weight that i’ve wanted for so long!! I’m 14kg lighter than what I am a year ago!! Wooweee~

ps: photo taken before i’m in a bad bad shape. of course im not going to show you that. hahaha

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  1. wendy says:

    wow..14kg! i’ve concluded that its impossible to slim down in uk..like me, im putting on more and more weight! urghhh!!

  2. ynnek says:

    I can’t wait to see FATTY WENDY!

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