of Earthquake and Solar Eclipse in Japan

There’s was a major earthquake the first time I was in Tokyo ..but it was in Penang -_-

2nd time I was there, I experienced an actual 4.9 earthquake on the 2nd day. I know it’s very normal to have small tremors in Japan but to actually be in one on the 22nd floor is something different. And most people just stood up, look around, “oh, earthquake?” turns back to their laptop and Google for the scale of it. The End. AHaahaha.

Then when walking around those big chain cameras stores I noticed they were selling solar viewing glasses. Like every corner you turn you will see it.

Back in the hotel, I decided to look at what all the big hoo-haa was about. Seems like the previous solar eclipse was many years ago, and the next one the Japanese able to see will be many years from now again. Anyway, the Japanese was very excited about it and many were travelling into Tokyo just to see it, because the full eclipse was only visible in Tokyo. You can read more about it here

Since I was not really asleep yet at the time it happened (735AM), I decided to look at the sky and sees pretty much nothing because of the heavy cloud 🙁

This is a shot i took roughly about 715AM

This is during the time of the eclipse. Vast difference in the skyline within minutes. Too bad I was too tired, sleepy to change into a coat and go down to catch a glimpse of it. Accordingly to my friends, they are able to see it without the glasses due to the clouds. Hmm, if i see it, i see it, if I dont, it doesn’t really change much in my life except I can tell people smugly “Hey, I once saw with my own eyes the solar eclipse in Tokyo”  :p

The sky gradually change back to “normal” color at about 740AM i think.

And I went back to sleep after that. Honestly, I did not feel anything much towards the entire event, but looking back at the photographs I lazily took of the sky, couldnt help but feel abit WoW to see the sky changing colors like that 🙂

Next post – harajuku/food or the fish market?

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