Ohh, Come On…!!

First thing first, Chelsea Sux!! They only win because Shevchenko is so abso-fucking-lutely damn good looking!! Such a lousy game!!! ppttuuuuiiii!!

MSN is blogger worst enemy…cant finish this blog..although i know i finish ranting in like what, 10 minutes??

Back to my topic…

We are not living in the stone age anymore alright people, or at least i am not. Maybe some of you still are.. Hie There!!

So recently some human has been lecturing me on the choices of vocab when i converse with them. So i use the word fuck alot. Yea, duhh so does 10 million other homosapiens living in this planet ok.

*edit* i type a whole lot of things HERE but decide to delete it all *sobs* in order not to hurt some manusia’s feeling. tiu, i thought this blog is suppose to be about me. sometimes, it’s not a good that friends visit my blog.

Let me enlighten u my weightage in your so call vulgarities:
fuck off = buzz off
fucker = idiot
fuck/tiu = shit

In short, dont take it too seriously when i cuss ok? Dont be so sensitive bout it cos its really no big deal to me! I’m sorry if you don’t like it but i curse subconciously…

Fucking stop judging me because of my choices of words ok! Saying fuck doesnt make me a bad person. I don’t know where i’m going anymore with this blog.

If you dont like me for who i am, just fuck off la, i dont really care anymore aight?? I will never be and wont pretend i am those prim and proper girl that think saying SHIT is the greatest sin on earth just to fit in ok… You want those kind of gal, go to some conventry in some mountains or some kindy. Don’t befriend me.

I think you get the message.


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6 Responses to Ohh, Come On…!!

  1. CY says:

    Judging by your weightage, it’s hardly a cuss word at all!

    Just be yourself. It’s easier than to fit in somebody else’s mold.

  2. christalloh says:

    i just agree with everything u said… so dunt need to care about others when u write in YOUR OWN blog… let me remind you again… IT’S YOUR BLOG….

    it one day i read it with those lovely gal characters in it… i know your blog kena hack, or you kena hack physically… lol…

    way to go gal…

  3. angchoonseong says:

    oit..fuck oklar..better than Cib**, lanc*** dan sbgnya…

    shit is actually more offensive (uk ppl point of view..coz when i say shit..everyone look at me with the sarcastic WTF face..)

    so dun shit anymore…fuc* more…wahahhaah

  4. ting says:

    come on la..fuc* and shit is so common nowadays..whoever that said these words are vulgar must be living in the stone age..

  5. Eve says:

    CY: Definately be ME =)

    Christal: thanks gal!

    acs: HEAR! HEAR!

    ting: i know u very mod also..hehe

  6. aL says:

    what the fuck is wrong with FUCK? *scratches scalp* LOL!!!!

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