Oktoberfest in Penang

Hehehe… oktoberfest in penang..siapa percaya…

Tetapi percayalah.. (y)

I went there late, but better late than never because hell, I had loads of fun there!! Smell of wurst, ultimate supplies of biers, Great white tents, merry band playing whole night, adults and kids dancing on the long benches…

Many nice surprise there. Including 2 Britons that are from SHEFFIELD and hangs out at EMBRACE. The world is just too small. I was very excited talking bout it with them. Reminiscing good old time, Yes keneft? 😀

Drink Drink Drink Hey Ho~ Saw brother’s friend there and greeted me with

HEY! YOU ARE POPPY SISTER! You really comes from a drinking family~!!! !! !! !!

The fact was further strengthen with the appearance of my super aunt on stage. Holding up 4 huge heavy mugs long enough to win something..Woohoo~ Lee Family the coolest 😀

With no surprise here, mother nature punished me with the biggest “I told you so” by placing a little man inside my head hammering the whole Sunday away. -.-| -.-|

No stopping me or slowing here mate, see you drinking buddies there again next year~!!

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8 Responses to Oktoberfest in Penang

  1. ting says:

    i knew my mum went la. hahahha. but all you pics showed like u had loads of fun!

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    drinking make ur brain shrink

    i dont drink but by brain seems shrinking


  3. wanster says:

    so maybe drinking will reverse the effect? (negative negative = positive)

    OMG i mau pergi next year liao! what beer they have there?

  4. d e s says:

    dei… shreeram always told me about OktoberFest back in the schooling days, and now only I realize keriangan drinking party.. Woohoo!

    count me in…next year.. when was it exactly? mid october? last weekend?

  5. Eve says:

    ting: i know u know ur mom went.hehe

    Darlinhuhu:drink to counter effect la

    Wanster: paulaner, tiger, heineken, and blackout ady..heheh

    Des: finally a comment that doesnt have butt name anywhere..hehe i think mid of october 🙂

  6. UncleJosh says:

    how can i not know about this fest in penang? i would have drove all the way up~! darn darn darn darn~!
    nicely wrote out… (most of your post)

  7. kennhyn says:

    I was there also, So are u a beer drinker? What is ur favourite beer?…Cheers!

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