Older and Wiser, i hope..

Thanks to all those who send me the sweet messages on my phone, facebook, friendster and msn. Thanks to all the people that are part of the plan. You guys are evil!! :angry: :shy: You guys made me think no one wanted to have dinner with me on my birthday resulting the dam bursting.  T_T

At least, in TBoon’s word > “Jang, you got punk’ed”

Biggest thanks to the mastermind behind all that.

Ps: i don’t know how to remove the border around the image 🙁
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5 Responses to Older and Wiser, i hope..

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    older.. yes..

    wiser.. not sure..


    Eve: got WISER!

  2. wanster says:

    thats why u need budweiser. and dun kilkenny.

  3. helen says:

    that cake looks yummyyyy

  4. ah loon says:

    errr….. Smile? hehe, out of comment.

  5. desmond-t says:

    wah..so seronok…

    when i read the plan in the chain mail, i already predict u surely get burst b4 got punk’d wahahahaha

    oh ya u can remove ur border for the picture at ur wordpress theme design option…

    p/s: jia sheng is innocent for the lame reason he gave not to join your party initially hahaha

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