OMG! I’ve just died, went to heaven and fell back on earth.

I think that’s probably one of my title post in a long long time!

But that’s exactly how i feel now!! *insert ALL excited girlish squeling*

I was reading pinkpau just now and then suddenly i came across JASON MRAZ written on her blog.


Jason Mraz is coming to singapore this August!


Okie, now back to earth…

THE downside of the whole thing is that, Jason Mraz will only be one of the acts performing at Singfest 2008. Boo!

And the tickets are expensive…like 300Sgd for weekend pass…double Boo!

and it’s held in Singapore. Think transportation and accomodation cost


However, it’s like the mother of all music festival. You can catch your favourite band/singer thats performing there in 1 shoot. Like Alicia Keys, Travis, or Pan!c at the disco.

Unfortunately for me, i don’t think any of my friends are willing to go to such events with me 🙁

Anyone still interested in going? Actually i am really really keen on going. It’s all for Mraz. Just anyone want to share the joy and excitement with me? Then consider me there with you..

Better still..

Anyone wanna sponsor me or let me go for free? Anyone? I can write damn good reviews if i want to! *hard selling already*

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3 Responses to OMG! I’ve just died, went to heaven and fell back on earth.

  1. Sharon says:

    i wanna go too!!!!

  2. Eve says:

    let’s go!

  3. zeemi says:

    admittedly, I would just go to the whole event for Jason Mraz. He’s a really talented singer. And not forgetting Alicia Keys and some of the best bands that made my days these past few years.

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