One Fullerton

Was in Singapore few weeks ago with Mr.Smallface

We were suppose to reach city center by 10pm but.. (there’s always a stupid but) the queue to verify our passport was so bloody long.

Since it’s like the first touristy visit for me to Singapore, my twin (not biologically, just same birth-date) and super sweet girlfriend already had in mind a few places where I die die also must go..take a couple of photo..and go.. hehe

All photos by Lx3 without tripod..power..

Coincidently, we were all wearing striking colorful tops!

Which seems to match the beaming pillar near the walk or something.

See if you are able to spot a ghost.


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2 Responses to One Fullerton

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    who is this fullarton guy, everywhere got his name

    Eve: i suppose some penjajah…raffles friend.. hehehe 😛

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