Since Monday, I’ve been setting some time aside to clean up my blog post, like properly categorizing them. Trying is the word as it’s a mess!

I realize that I did not categorize my travel post by countries so its really difficult to find them unless referring to the Travel Log which I rarely update. Hence I’ve slowly back-tracking all my post by searching for them by tags or keywords. Seriously this is hard work! Everything is neither here or there. I’m really such a scatter brain -__-  and i dont know how long it will take to sieve through thoroughly 9 years worth of brain purging…

As I’m going at this snail pace, you can see I’ve managed to at least segregate out the travel post but not completely. Anyway, as i was going down the rabbit hole in this online space of mine, I really cant stand some of the stuff or the way I used to be. I felt like deleting the whole lot of it, but then again it was the past that made what i am today.

“Journals are time machines after all, if not fountains of youth, giving me hope – dissipating all fears of death, encouraging me to live it up now so at the very least I’ll have some interesting stories to share as a well-lived and perhaps pervy old man.” – Jason Mraz

I was inspired to house-keep my blog after reading the above quote from Gisele’s blog. I hope to have change of blog layout soon too. I find the current pink color to bright for these old eyes of mine.

아자!아자!  화이팅 in continuous self-improvement!

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