Pathetic Life

I wonder how many of you people out there lives a life like mine? For goodness sake, i’m only 20 turning 21 this year. Why do i have soo many stuff to rant about? to whine about?

I work 5 days a week sometimes more, and i truly look forward to spend the weekends with my buddies, chimuis and heng tai mun. But, reach friday and i got no where to go except my uncle’s house to parasite on him for dinner and to use his ultimate, out-of-the-world, so god damn cool and expensive new desktop( hey, it cost him a bloody 9K, it better be good). After dinner, went home at 930 to watch American Idol and online till i die again. How sad could that be?

YOU guys probably think that how could that be? It’s Jxxx wor! no way she would stay home on friday nite right?? (most prob the first to think that would be angchoonseong) Well, you are SO fucking wrong! I’m home again on Saturday night. tiewwsss

Even this afternoon, when i needed someone to go gurney with me, i couldnt get anyone to go with me!! summer needs to get her assignment done, autumn needs to be with her bf, spring is back in hometown, ailin & eric went cruise, and the most fuckstrating one is teong need to finish his Smallville series. -_-” Damn lame lar.. Luckily, i manage to get butt to drop me off to gurney.
This incident truly strucks me in head like a huge squash racquet made of titanium hitting me.*wo0Osh BAM* Does this really means that I am that pathetic? I just need a break from my working life and spend time with you guys! Is that really too much to ask for?

Damn… and I thought i would be out by now to get a drink and chit-chat with some friend but NOooo..everyone is again too busy for me. I really do regret for not going to the cruise with ailin & eric. Then, i wouldn’t have felt so shitty like now.

Can someone please ask me to a movie? I’m really lagging behind and VERY, EXTREMELY outdated! I’m not always like this. I’m not a homey girl. I like to go out alot, Anywhere! I WANNA GO CLUBBING, I WANNA GO DANCING, I WANNA GO DRINKING, I WANNA GO FOR A DRINK.

There, i made my statement.

Will the rest of my supposedly holiday in Penang be similar to what i’m going through today? I really hope not. *hint hint to anyone i know* I sometimes wish that i’m back in KL, living alone, do not need to race for the pc with bro, eating when i want to, sleeping at 6am, watching Sex and the City all i want!11 *GAHHHHH*

The only thing that pleases me is my blog hit has increased by more than 500 hits within the last 24 hours. WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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4 Responses to Pathetic Life

  1. Spyd3r says:

    hey hey hey u’re saying like u;re the utmost boring ppl in Pg rite now,,,c’mon i mean it’s friday but it’s not neccesarily be goin ou tjust to unwind urself rite, staying at home at times is much much more relaxing…

    yea booze and groove….i’m so addicted to it but in the end of the day, in KL i stil hav ti adapt the studying life, so do i hope u’ll be adpting well to ur working life…


  2. Sunny Side Up says:

    Darling, I think you need to get a boyfriend.

  3. Eve says:

    Des: how can one enjoy working life? how can one enjoy to be enslaved? you tell me? hahah..i already have my butt glued home from monday to friday already then you want me to stay home on weekends as well? aihs..i dono about me la…

    A boyfriend? fat chances..who wants me wor..aih ><

  4. Kelly says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering, will it sound weird if a girl go clubbing alone??? I never really been for clubbing before, and no buddy as well….how much will it cost for entrance at Titanium, Sunway, etc????

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