Penang Blogger’s Meet

I know i haven’t been updating my blog recently BUT i got a good reason. When i was free, my modem gave up on me. When my modem was revived from the dead, i had to work from 8am-9pm++ for a few days already. So by the time i’m home, i’ll be dead on my bed.
So surprisingly, i did went to the blogger’s meet at starbucks last sunday. I was surprise myself as i dont usually wakes up that early(10am) on a holiday =) But i realized my license had expired for over a month*gasp* To think that i drove all the way to kl and back and all over the place, passing road blocks somemore *double gasp*

I was pretty late cos i need to wait for Joosing to fetch me after her church service. Too bad when we got there, there already took the group photos. Pretty fast this time. Anyhow, i’ll put up those little photos i took and a few i stole from the flickr group ones =)

Was cool finally getting to meet those blog i stalk daily like…

With TEH 5xmom

With CY

and then followed by the usual random group photos.
I also took photo with a few others i canot remember, thousand apologies! I remember i took with Jolene, but i dont have the photos yet. Boss, also i did not took any photos with. BTW, support him by joining nuffnang, fellow friends!!

All these thanks to the over enthusiastic bloggers who are all super trigger happy!!


On other note…

Here’s something that will make you guys go jealous like hell. The one girl that can make all guys melt!! The model with the face of an angel and the perfect figure!!

And i got her personal autograph!! Woohoooooooooo!! so happy!!

This one is for my brother…..

Jeles leh…….. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

p.s. It’s not forged wan ok! Confirmasi!

Have a nice Chap Goh Meh!!! This year, i’m gonna throw the whole crate of mandarin oranges to the sea ady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to Penang Blogger’s Meet

  1. says:

    Finally. Hahaha. I thot u not going to post liao. C u in KL!

  2. LogicYuan says:

    inside the angpau got money or not? haha but its kind of weird seeing lin zhi ling wearing that type of costume… haha u got it from a friend? wow…i can’t imagine if i meet her in person…haha

  3. christalloh says:

    happy oink oink year friend…

    i could not believe i did not meet up with u at all this CNY… hiks.. hiks..

    i think this is the FIRST CHINESE NEW YEAR i did not see u… & also your family… send my regards to all your family members include your sis’s hudband & your bro’s gf.. lol… (ya, your dog; Jaz is included in your family d)… lol…

    have a great “char siew” year ahead… TC…

  4. CY says:

    Wah… throw until whole crate? How many husbands you want? Lol!

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